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“I am writing to recommend the services of Your Electrical Solution, Inc (YES). I am working with YES on a very challenging project at the Salem State University at present. The challenges have involved numerous last minute changes and a tight schedule. I cannot speak highly enough regarding their ability to get the job done. I have always been completely satisfied. They do an excellent job and are always professional.”

Elizabeth A. Brosnan
Project Manager
Daniel O’Connell’s Sons, Inc.

“Over the years, I have had the opportunity to work with numerous electrical contractors. One such company, YES, Inc. come to mind, an outstanding contractor who has been over the years awarded several Commonwealth of Massachusetts, M.G.L. Ch. 149, state contracts under Department of Conservation and Recreation (DCR), which I have had the opportunity to overseeing their work on several  of these state contracts.

It is a pleasure to work with Mr. Bruce Sylvester and Mr. Charles Leach, owners of YES, Inc. where they are highly professional, most cooperative and very courteous. DCR has encounter emergency situation and YES, Inc. when notified will respond at a moment’s notice.

I’m happy to recommend YES, Inc. services; they provide quality work and are reliable contractor.“

Yvonne Jones
Project Manager
The Commonwealth of Massachusetts
Operational Services Division

“I appreciate YES’s commitment to the details and follow up to ensure the project is dialed in and successful.”

Dan Ryan
Project Manager
Shawmut Design and Construction

“CBRE New England has worked with YES, Your Electric Solution Inc., for several years and has found them to be a very trustworthy, hardworking, and high quality electrical contractor. They are a team player when it comes to completing projects on schedule. Their work is always done with quality and professionalism in mind. The most recent project we have completed with them is 50 Staniford Street Boston MA. YES Electric is an exceptional electrical contractor and would be a valuable asset on any project.”

Gary Gobbi
PJM-1 /Engineering Project Manager
CBRE Asset Services

“I worked with Y.E.S. on a fast-paced and highly technical project. The team went above and beyond to deliver quality work on tight timelines. The “we will make it happen” attitude impressed us and the client, who has recommended Y.E.S. for repeat work. The overall attention to detail and client service makes it easy to say Y.E.S.”

Felicia Bua
Project Manager
Shawmut Design and Construction